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Ever wondered how the ponds came about in backyards, or have you ever wondered how you could get a pond in your backyard, yet feared the cost? Well, to be honest you can landscape your yard including a pond for less than a few hundred dollars.

The first thing you should do when considering home improvement is the plans, budget, tools, materials, et cetera. Even a backyard pond is worth planning, budgeting and considering for home improvements. Thus, a kit for a smaller pond costs around fifteen hundred bucks, but doing it your self can save you some cash.

You will need garden hose, hammer, spade or trowel, pond liner, leveler, sand, flagstone copingstones, mortar mix, and a good eye for landscaping. If you are considering a garden landscape pond, thus this is the most you will need to finish the job, besides the seeds if you intend to plant real vegetables, flowers, et cetera.

After you get your tools and materials together, you will need to get your plan out. By now, you should know the size of pond you intend to build. You will need to choose a fiberglass liner shell and the size will depend on the plan laid out.


Wildlife critters tend to enjoy outdoor ponds, thus prepare to have new friends hanging around you home. You will need bug repellents, since Mosquitoes tend to hand around ponds also during the summer hours.

If you intend to have critters living in your pond then you will need filter systems and pumps to help the critters survive, otherwise you can get by without the tools.

Get prepared because the first step after your plans are in place is to call your utility providers to find out if the area chosen is safe for digging. Once you finish your call and verify that you are on safe grounds, you can begin the digging process. If you chose a liner the size of 10x10, you are doing ok, since many liners will fit smaller ponds. Begun digging yet…if so you will need to dig a hole about eighteen inches to twenty-four inches deep, and round the area off to fit the fiberglass liner shell, which resembles a bathtub…after you finish digging and have the liner in place you can sit the shell down in the hole.

It is important to find a level area for landscaping ponds. Thus, level grounds makes easier digging, thus the job gets done sooner. It is also wise to avoid digging and placing the pond in wooded areas, since obstacles that fall into the pond only defile the waters. Therefore, if you want to keep your pond clean, avoid building the bond beneath trees. 

Once your pond is finished you will need to refresh the pond regularly with the garden hose, also if you intend to keep critters in your pond, rainwater is preferred over tap water. Now that you are finished, you can start building your garden.

Landscaping is part of improving your home. At what time you have visitors at your home the first thing they will notice is the yard, and how it is kept up. Landscaping the yard also increases the equity of your home. Lenders base their mortgages on land and home, thus this is part of home improvement that increases equity. The overall statement is if you decide to take out a secondary home loan, you will have additional advantages.

By the way, you could pick up some cheap ceramics at yard sales to enhance the appeal of your new pond. Ceramics such as ducks, turtles, and people figures with fishing poles, snails, fish, and other critters will setoff the scenery. You could also find cheap artificial plants at sales that will enhance the appeal of your pond.


If you intend to keep fish in your pond, make sure you keep floating plant life in the pond to provide shade for the critters and to put a stop to algae buildup. The fish require freshness to survive.