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Home Improvement and Equity 

At what time you allow faith to take over and leave problems behind rather than repairing the problem you are only dropping the value of your home since the equity will decrease. The equity of the home determines your faith. If you apply for a mortgage against the home, you may not get the value if the equity drops. Likewise, if you decide to sell your home you must suffer loss. Now you can ask your self-questions, are you worried about your home’s equity value?  Are you lingering waiting for problems around the house to fix them self?

When you leave leaky faucets unattended, or else allow crud to build in the bathrooms, or even allow holes to linger in the walls you are only causing more harm to you and your home. The act on your part will lead to substantial decrease in loans against the home, and substantial decrease in sell of the home. The lingering may also lead to higher cost for repairs later.

If you fix the problem now it could save you hundreds later. Fixing leaky faucets, merely details tightening a screw or nut, or else paying around ten bucks to replace the thing...you merely loosen the nuts at the top of the old faucet and slid in the new faucet to fix the problem.  

For the most part, you will need to locate the water shutoff valve before installing a new faucet. This is probably the hardest part of installing a new faucet.

If you allow crud to build in your bath area, or kitchen area, it only brings down the appearance of the home, and brings down the opinion of friends and family on you.

From time to time, you can clean the crud from the area to improve the appeal of the home, but other times you must entirely improve the area.

For the bath area if the crud is not cleanable, then you may need to replace certain areas of the bath. If you have tile walls you can replace cracked tiles easy. On the other hand, if you need an entire shower replacement you will need a kit.

A new shower kit will only cost you a few hundred dollars, but will increase the value of your home immensely. If you must install a new shower, you will need tools. The kit generally has the materials you need for installation. The tools required include a 3/8 PVC Pipe, Purple Primer, CPVC Cement, Philips Screwdriver, Silicon Sealant, Liquid Nails, Tubing Cutter, and a bit of common sense.

The first step to improving your home by installing a new shower is to gather all the materials and tools together and put them in reach. You will need to even the floor with the drainpipe and make sure all the water connection is turned off before starting the installation. Once you finish you will need to check the area for leaks before completing the final phase of installation.

The kit will include new faucet, showerhead, walls, shower doors and/or curtains. The curtain kits are often cheaper than the kits that include shower doors.

The walls will come in handy; especially if the old walls are so far gone, that repairing or cleaning is out of the question. If you clean the shower area daily, you can prevent going through this installation process again in the near future.

It only takes a couple of dollars to repair, but it can take thousands to fix lingering problems. Again, the equity of your home is the primary focus for any lender or buyer, thus keeping the equity value stable is important to you and your home.

If you feel that you do not have the skills to improve your home, or else the cash to repair or improve, you may want to consider reading a variety of materials on home improvement, especially the do-it-your-self books that can guide you through the steps to improving or repairing your home at an affordable cost. Some books will guide you through the process while informing you of cheaper strategies than others will.