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Imagine coming home to a beautiful wood living room and looking about the house enjoying each corner of the home. Many people enjoy the traditional styled homes, however few of us like the extravagant appeal.

Those that enjoy the extravagant appeals rarely get the effect in their home because they fall short of creativity to do the work. Some people cannot afford simple materials to create an amazing habitat, while others can afford the materials yet lean on pros to do the work spending more money than what they would had they done the job them self.

The home improvement stores have a wealth of selections to choose from when considering floors. If you are doing an entire makeover of the home, you will need to start with the ceiling first, especially if you are painting.

As for the floors, you could consider tile flooring, which appeals better than the laminate in some instances, or you could consider wood flooring. Vinyl, quarry tiles, laminates, ceramic, or wood floors come in many selections.

If you like flashy appeal, thus tile, ceramic, laminate or wood floors may be a better choice for you. If you select to tile your home, you could go as far as tiling the floors, ceiling and walls blending an entire area perfectly with little effort.

If you intend to wood the floors be prepared to purchase specific tools for the task. You will need ear protectors to block out the pounding. You will need goggles to blind the flying objects. You will need a flour sander, which you can rent in some area and a belt sander, which can also be rented. In addition, you will need a mask to protect your face, sanding block and sandpaper, paintbrush about three inches, cross peen hammer, and time to finish the work.

Furthermore, you will need a plane, abrasive paper, shave hook, and nails to improve your home with hardwood.


Hardwood is appealing, but if you use Furnisher Polish to clean the floors be prepared to slip, slid and avoid falling.

To prepare you will need to make sure the flooring is level and sturdy before applying hardwood to the sub-floor. If there are objects sticking, up either remove they or else pound them into the floor until it is no longer sticking up. It is preferred to remove the nails if possible.

You will need to fill gapping areas, which will require fillers or slivers. You will also need adhesive in case you need to stick an area of the floor.

Using the plane, you will need to level the flooring area for improvement. Be prepared by having staining solutions available, since you may need to add color to areas to match the wood.

It is important to clear up the area from all pollutions, including dust before taking the step to improve the home.

Thus, laying hardwood flooring will require sanding, pounding, sealing, typing, and so forth. Still the job is not difficulty; rather it is time-consuming and noisy.

If you wanted to take, the easy way out you might consider tiles. Tiles with water-base adhesive makes it easy to improve the home and find a desirable appeal. Tiles come with systematic instruction manuals for installation just as the woodwork does, but the steps are easier to follow and less distracting. Tiling the floors can lead you into luxurious, since when tiling floors you can mix match and get an outstanding effect.

For example, using dark woody looking tiles with hints of cream, white, rustic orange and other colors could make your home Victorian with little effort. If you are looking for extravagant tiling the floors is likely the better choice for you. Thus, tiles are affordable, and if you do not have to do any repairs, you merely wash the floors, allow drying and tile the floor keeping it in alignment. No skill involved!

On the hand, if you like traditional you can tile the walls and floors Spanish TERRACOTTA tiles and come up with a wonderful appeal, especially if you combine the Spanish with the Mosaic tiles.