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Some bathrooms have tile walling and flooring areas. Over the years tile suffer deterioration and/or damage due to steam, heat, moisture, and even accidental hits.

Thus to repair tiles instead of buying new tile is relatively easy. The tiles have a bit more detail than simply tiles, including caulk and joints. The caulk sometimes need replacing, or renewed especially when water causes the material to fade.

It is important to work around dry areas when re-caulking bathrooms for improvement. You will need a scraper, since the old caulk and/or grout needs scraping before the new is applied. You can use an awl, which is a pointed tool that marks the surface, or else pierce smaller holes in the area. The rubbing alcohol is needed in this home improvement scheme, since the joints must be freed of debris and dirt and soaked in the alcohol for cleaning before reusing.

It is important that you follow steps when improving you home, thus, the next step is to fill the tub slowly before starting the new caulking process. Thus, the water will minimize or eliminate the possibilities of the caulk cracking.

It is important to clear the joints of spores or mildew before filling the joints in with new latex caulk. You can also use silicone to fill in the joints. Solutions for removing mildew are available at most hardware stores.  


Keeping a moist finger will help stop sticking from the silicone and/or caulk. You can use your fingertips to smooth out the area where the caulk is applied, using the fingers to figure the caulk into a bay form.

Once the caulk is applied, you will wait until the material dries before continuing to carve away any residue around the area.

Sound complicated, or are you feeling that the terms are frightening? Many homeowners shy aware from home improvement or repairs, simply because the carpentry or technical terms scare them into paying high dollars to fix or remodel their homes. If this method frightens you, you may want to consider using “performed peel-and-stick tub and tile caulk” which is easier than the preceding details to follow. The caulk only requires that you peel and stick.

If you have wallpaper in your bathroom, thus repairs may extend further than fixing tiles. Whoever comes up with the notion to add wallpaper in the bathroom was not thinking in my opinion.

Wallpaper is fragile, and when it is exposed to heat, moisture, and steam, it tends to deteriorate much faster than caulk on tiles. Some of the nicest looking bathrooms in homes are tiled walled and floored, and/or have a laminate flooring or wall that has sturdy materials.

Bathrooms with tiles or firm laminate walls and floors often clean better and will stand longer than wallpapered walls. Thus, if you are repairing your bathroom and it has wallpaper on the wall, then you may consider remodeling the entire wall area of the room.


Bathrooms often have accessories. Bathrooms include towel hangers, toothbrush and soap dishes, and other lofty accessories. The accessories can make a bathroom look good, or else make it look bad. Thus, if you are improving your bathroom you may want to consider an entire make over. If you have broken accessories in the bathroom area, a few dollars will help you enhance the appeal of your bathroom.

A sophisticated carpenter may require that you have a pocket full of tools and materials to replace towel holders, or other accessories in the bathroom, but in most instances, a few tools and materials will suffice.

Repairing your home or else improving your home is an awarding experience. Our home makes a statement as to what type of person we are. Thus, when we take the time to take care of our home, we are telling others that we care about self and what others think about us.

For more information on home improvement, visit the World Wide Net, or your local library where a wealth of information is waiting for you to take the steps to improve your home without costing you a fortune.